Where Did My Notes Go?


Some people prefer to hand write their notes. Others, prefer to use technology for their note taking. Despite these differences in opinions and preferences, there is one thing that can be unanimously agreed upon. Using technology can be a risky move. With hand written notes, the biggest danger is physically misplacing your notebook, which can be totally avoided. If you decide to use technology however, you not only have to worry about the issues that can be avoided, you also have to worry about issues that can’t be avoided. Specifically speaking about mechanical failure (such as a bad hard drive) and running out of battery. Most times, mechanical failure means losing everything on your computer due to a failing or corrupted hard drive. Unfortunately, recovery of dead hard drive is next to impossible and most people don’t perform a backup and their notes and papers are lost forever. The issue with the battery dying in the middle of class isn’t nearly as bad as mechanical failure, but it can lead to losing progress on assignments and notes. That can be quite frustrating. Although it is evident there is some benefit of using technology, the old fashioned way for note taking is preferred.

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