Meet the Bloggers: Geethani Liyanage

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Hi! I am Geethani. I am studying at the Universities of Maryland, College Park, Communication major and focusing in Digital media and Visual Communication. I learned and played very traditional way. However, I enjoy new technology and gadgets: phone, laptop and GPS. I use new technology and gadgets when I “really” want them, but not always. I see new generation is a lot more relay on new devices. Many bring new gadgets to class rooms. Do we really “need” them when we learn? There are countless positive things to be said that technology has huge influence on education. But, we  know many people who have becoming over reliant on technology, getting lazy and unhealthy. I like use my laptop when I do my assignments at home. In the class room, I want to pay more attention on lecture and write my notes in my note-book – circle, underline, highlight and write short notes beyond the margin. I also hate tweeting during class time. Modern learning tool? We need a balance. So, I hope to contribute some of my ideas in this blog. Enjoy!