Technology vs. Books (Affirmative 3)


Reading physical books has more benefits than using technology to read which has many potential problems.

Reading books is the traditional way to learn and be entertained. Reading a book does not have the major risks that can be associated when electronics and technology is involved. The benefits of reading are greater in number and are healthier than reading constantly on the internet or some technology.

Some benefits of reading books are as follows:

  • Greater retention of information
  • Less stress when reading
  • No information overload
  • No distractions on the page that is being read
  • No risk of hacking or any other type of data breach/malware
  • Unlikely for someone to steal a textbook
  • Less strain on eyes

Books have cons from being too heavy to carry or being limited regarding information but the benefits of being relaxed, not having an information overload, no distractions on the pages and other benefits listed and not listed above.

Technology allows for anyone to have tons of information at their fingertips within a second of time and with little effort, but no one can process thousands or millions of pages of information in little time. Technology provides easy use in finding information and sharing knowledge but just the attempt of thinking of how much information is related to a certain topic is insurmountable (information overload). Not relating to information overload a current hot topic is hacking, the spread of malware/viruses and other malicious programs as these subjects only relate to electronics and technology. Technology has the risk of malfunctioning on its own or by human intent and error. Also, something to add is that technology and electronics have a battery that does not last forever and for electronics that need a plug well you still need electricity to use the technology. Using technology (tablets, computers, etc.) for a prolonged time can create health problems to the user. Some health problems include eye strain and other eye problems, neck problems, shoulder problems, carpool tunnel and other problems.

Going back to books well there are no batteries, no direct use of electricity (sometimes a light is needed to read if the environment the reader is in is too dark), no risk of a hacker or malfunctioning and there is almost no chance in the reader having information overload. Books also are less likely to cause any type of health problem to the reader.

Your choice—Books that provide many benefits—or—Technology that is easy to use but has many major risks, problems, and can impact your health negatively.

Reading books is just the better choice.